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‘Anagamania’ -4- 穴窯築き: Songs from the Wood 森の春

Bluesbells are blooming to the full. Regular visitors, fallow deer are passing in flocks through the wood. As usual, I am working alone until I feel I am happy with my day… … …What else do I need here? 春うらら、咲き乱れるブルーベルの海の隣、私の窯場は、昼でもうす暗い森の中に在る。誰も望んで訪れては来ない寂しげな処ですが、私には何処よりも集中して作陶出来る貴重な空間です。ここに来れば文明の恩恵から暫し離れ、周りの自然を堪能でき、気が済むまで仕事をしたら、家に戻って遅い夕食の支度をするだけの生活。これ以上他に何を望めましょうか。

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‘Anagamania’ -3- 穴窯築き: Farewell!My Moby Dick さらば!白鯨

I was pretty busy past few weeks, as I have to build a new blog and a new website for the wood-fire potters who are badly affected by the ‘Eastern Japan Earthquake’ last month. Just a day after the earthquake … Continue reading

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