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‘Anagamania’ -10- 穴窯築き : About Anagama Design

Designing Anagama is quite tricky as all wood-firers have different ideals of their kilns. It all depends on what kind of pottery a potter would like to make in the end. If you would want good wood-firings quickly and economically, … Continue reading

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‘Anagamania’ -9- 穴窯築き : The Anagama Former

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Once the former for the new kiln (Anagama) has been done, a visible change of Anagama ‘Moby’ made me feel satisfied. I am happy with my new kiln design. All patient preparations I have done, started taking shape. I know … Continue reading

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‘Anagamania’ -8- 穴窯築き : Kiln Bricks & the Arch Support

Every time I built a new Anagama, I kept its simple shape but changed minor details in order to improve my wood-firing. Although latest Anagama ‘Moby’ design still hasn’t got anything proper (i.e. a fire-box, an ash-pit, a bag-wall and … Continue reading

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