‘Anagamania’ -10- 穴窯築き : About Anagama Design

Designing Anagama is quite tricky as all wood-firers have different ideals of their kilns. It all depends on what kind of pottery a potter would like to make in the end. If you would want good wood-firings quickly and economically, you should have a wood-fired Olsen kiln. If you like pots covered with heavy wood ash, then why don‘t you try Anagama-type kiln with side-stoking holes like Svend Bayer and Nic Collins. My kiln design doesn’t have any advantages as such, it is too slow and most uneconomical to fire. My Anagama design is for vessels with natural fly ash and also for Shino glaze. It is only suitable for someone doesn‘t mind an enormous amount of split wood to feed and spend ten days of continuous firing to finish.

Yet, there is something very special about long wood-firings. When I saw some Japanese vessels made in the Mediaeval times, I found a strong presence and awesome impressions from them.

I have received quite a few enquiries asking me to show my Anagama plans (diagrams). Most of them are interested in my mini-anagama plans. I had to reply to them that I didn’t have anything to satisfy their request. In fact, I have never drawn proper plans for all of my Anagama. Please do not get me wrong. I am not secretive keeping my kiln secrets from wood-fire enthusiasts desperately seeking information but I only have made simple notes and worked with available materials and with a small budget. Each kiln building has been slightly different from the previous one. I often had to improvise when I found technical problems with my kiln building.

Here I give you very simple Anagama diagrams by Master Furutani Michio (1946-2000). He was one of very first potters revived Anagama tradition in Shigaraki. His design and sizes of Anagama are just well suited for all Anagama enthusists and studio potters.
I also show you my simple notes for the latest Anagama ‘Moby‘. (Gas)

About Gas

Hi, I am a wood-fire potter, living and working in the Japanese tradition in Tring, Hertfordshire (UK). Following mediaeval potter's wisdom, I design and build simple wood-fired kilns called 'anagama' for long period of firing and 'raku-gama' for quick (glazed tea bowl) firing. My anagama firing usually takes 9 - 10 days.
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1 Response to ‘Anagamania’ -10- 穴窯築き : About Anagama Design

  1. James Hazlewood says:

    Its looking good Gas – so much progress in a short space of time.

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