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Chabana: 茶花 – Vessels for Flowers in a Tea-Room

At home, I quite often use my small pottery collection and enjoy arranging flowers in them. I am just trying to make my bachelor‘s home a little more cheerful and presentable. Some men think flower arranging is rather feminine and … Continue reading

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Beauty of Old Pottery ② – Mediæval Vessels 中世古陶 –

It has been almost 18 months since I last posted some images of my favourite Mediæval pots. I would like to post a few images of beautiful wood-fired vessels. (I managed to see some of them in the museums when … Continue reading

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‘Anagamania’ -11- 穴窯築き : Patrick Sargent & his Anagama

I meant to post the following article on my blog several months ago. All my education was done in Japan (in Japanese), so I have never been confident expressing myself for my feelings and thoughts in English. When I read … Continue reading

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