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Beauty of Old Pottery ③ – Early-Edo Vessels 江戸初期の陶器–

The images above are some of my favourite vessels from the early Edo-era (17th century). Most of them are now museum collections. What I love about early Edo vessels is that they still had some enigmatic charm of Mediaeval wood-fired … Continue reading

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‘Anagamania’ -18- 森の’白鯨陶房’ – Soft Roofing for ‘Moby’ Site

My open-air pottery studio (including my kilns) in the secret woods have got soft tarpaulin covers. From the very first stage of this Anagama project, I had an idea of an open-air studio with ‘Soft-Roofing’ (i.e. camouflage tarpaulins and collapsible … Continue reading

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