I make my pots borrowing the ideas from mediaeval techniques.  For my firing, I use enormous amount of split wood.  What I most enjoy is designing and building simple Anagama. I also design Raku kilns for Chawan (tea bowl).

Inspired by nature, Zen ideology, and Gorin (the Buddhist tantric elements of earth, water, fire, wind and sky).

5 Responses to About

  1. victoria says:

    your work is fabuloso. We are building an anagama, our first one in La Plata, Argenitna.

  2. Betsey Copp says:

    Hello, I am a Connecticut potter struggling with a shivering shino glaze very much like Trevor. Being a hermit like person, I don’t know Trevor despite his being fairly close by. Would it be possible for you to put me in touch with him. I haven’t checked yet but I think we are both using the same old shino reciepe with similar problems, and he seems to have found a solution.
    Your site and interest in old shinos is fun to read about.

  3. Joe Bruhin says:

    Hello Gas, thanks so much for your energy and blog and posting more images of moby…i deeply appreciate your dedication. Yes, I have 2 wood kilns, the one i use most is an anagama, it is pretty exact to kanzaki san sensei’s idea of anagama. I’m getting to understand it better after firing it 7 times…it is on a 3:1 incline, i’m thinking if i rebuilt it i would increase the slope but i still don’t understand this kiln fully so maybe that would be a mistake…..i do believe that Kanzaki sensei’s kiln , one of them, is on a steeper incline than 3:1, although this what he instructed me to do…..i was fortunate to have assisted in one of his firings in Shigaraki a few years ago.

    I have about 3500 new super duty firebricks that a glass company gave to me….they have been sitting here under cover for 8 years….since i don’t really understand my current anagama fully i haven’t been too entheusiastic about building another but think it would be a good idea to build a small anagama. I have Furutani sensei’s book, and have always thought my next kiln should be based on his idea. You would think that one who has been earning his livelihood with pottery for almost 30 years would have his own idea what a kiln should be to manifest his vision. I must admit that Kanzaki has taught me a lot just by observing his work…i love Iga.

    I like what I have seen of your work very much…..to the uneducated eye, i would say subtle. These are the kind of works that will stand the test of time, not flashy and ego inflated.

    I will study your blog and website. I really don’t like to ask questions, everyone seems to want information with out paying the price of experience….i am curious about mobys incline and inside height.

    I hope the flu is behind you and the new year will be kind and you find yourself inspired and peaceful throughout the year of the horse….stay strong and take very good care….joe

  4. Patricia says:

    What a wonderful discovery, this blog. I’m just starting to read it and am looking forward to going through it from beginning to end. I’m preparing for my first anagama firing this April and hope to learn as much as possible before that. I look forward to new posts, and love the photographs. Thank you so much for writing it.


  5. Hello Gas,
    I wanted to say thank you for this great experience/journey I was allowed to have together with 5 others at your Anagama workshop in Aberystwyth University.
    I had a good time in this 2 weeks, although working quite hard and being the only woman among men. But I am used, as I told you….:-)
    Thank you for being most intuitive with your work and not so much structured like men usually are.
    I had good fun picking up all your good and sometimes “weird” advices. Most of all I appreciated, that you put me in my place, as I am usually doing too many things at one time (girls!!!!)

    have a good time at Lawrences with a lot of fun and much “sugar covering”
    lots of love

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