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A Happy New Year [2105] of the Sheep [Goat] : 謹賀新年

一年の計は元旦にあり : New year’s day is the key of the year. Wishing All wood-firers ‘Have a Prosperous Year’.& All wood-fired vessel lovers ‘Have a Great Discovery for Your Collections’. (Gas)

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Beauty of Old Pottery ③ – Early-Edo Vessels 江戸初期の陶器–

The images above are some of my favourite vessels from the early Edo-era (17th century). Most of them are now museum collections. What I love about early Edo vessels is that they still had some enigmatic charm of Mediaeval wood-fired … Continue reading

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My Wish for New Horse Year [2014] – 平成二十六年(午年)

My new horse year 2014 is starting off rather slow with a bad flu I got in London just before Christmas. I made my flu worse as I worked in the woods trying to finish my latest kiln project. I … Continue reading

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Question about an Old Jar / 質問への回答

I was rather too busy with my project ‘International Potters’ Charity Auction’ in Sendai (Japn) and could not reply to the eamil from Enrico Maestrini. Sorry for my late reply. [Gas] I am a collector of oriental art. I found … Continue reading

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Rather Old Pots from Tohoku: 東北の少し古いやきもの

In my kitchen, I have a few pieces of rather old pots from Tohoku regions. (see the slideshow above) After three months from the Eastern Japan Earthquake, I still hear the news of daily aftershocks. Some potters managed to repair … Continue reading

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A Badger (Tanuki) In My Kitchen 台所の豆狸

I have been making real coffee first in the morning since I became a bachelor again. I broke the knob of my old kettle and it was replaced with a Shigaraki mame-danuki (a small badger or a racoon dog). I … Continue reading

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Playing the Coquette やきものの媚態 : Sea-Shell Wadding

Many wood-fire potters have fallen into this pit. Even well-known potters are putting big shells on the side of pots and packing them sideways in their kilns. It seems to be trendy things to do among wood-firers outside Japan. And … Continue reading

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