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A Happy New Year [2105] of the Sheep [Goat] : 謹賀新年

一年の計は元旦にあり : New year’s day is the key of the year. Wishing All wood-firers ‘Have a Prosperous Year’.& All wood-fired vessel lovers ‘Have a Great Discovery for Your Collections’. (Gas)

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My Wish for New Horse Year [2014] – 平成二十六年(午年)

My new horse year 2014 is starting off rather slow with a bad flu I got in London just before Christmas. I made my flu worse as I worked in the woods trying to finish my latest kiln project. I … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of the Moon – 茶碗「闇月」yami-no-tsuki

A couple of emails came asking me to make my pots with Kintsugi features. Hello, I have just discovered kintsugi and am fascinated! My husband and I have been through some rough times lately and I wanted to buy him … Continue reading

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Raku Workshop 楽茶碗ワークショップ : the Czech Republic

I have been suffering from a bad cold for almost a month. I had a sore throat and a blocked nose during my visit (March 31- April 13) for Raku Chawan Workshop in the Czech Republic. I still have it … Continue reading

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Raku – in Czech Republic

I came home with happy memories from Czech Republic.  The symposium ran for two weeks and was held at Jurta in Nebocady, Decin, with famous Dresden just across the border.  I met 30 – 40 enthusiastic participants (Czech, German, Polish, Slovakian etc) and started … Continue reading

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Have Chawan, Will Travel

I am off to Czech Republic for about two weeks.  I have been invited to run a workshop at ‘ Ceramic Summer in Nebocady 2009 ‘.  I have selected a few chawan from my private collection, including four special ones, i.e. Karatsu, Hagi, Bizen and … Continue reading

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