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A Trio of My Little Gems : 愛玩小壺 [from my collection]

I have some little pots, displayed in my room. They are pretty small objects among my larger pottery collection. Most of visitors have overlooked as their attention have gone to some large vessels in the room. However, with interesting personal … Continue reading

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Beauty of Old Pottery ③ – Early-Edo Vessels 江戸初期の陶器–

The images above are some of my favourite vessels from the early Edo-era (17th century). Most of them are now museum collections. What I love about early Edo vessels is that they still had some enigmatic charm of Mediaeval wood-fired … Continue reading

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Dobin & Yunomi (pot & cups for green tea) – 土瓶と湯呑

I met a few potters friends I have not seen for a while at Art in Clay: Hatfield early this month. It is one of my reasons why I visit this event every year since it started 19 years ago. … Continue reading

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Svend’s New Vessels スヴェンバイヤー新作展

I have been observing Svend Bayer’s work for over 20 years since I settled in the U.K. I went to see Svend’s latest exhibition at Goldmark Gallery (Uppingham, Rutland) on the first opening day (last Saturday 17th Nov.). The Goldmark … Continue reading

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Playing the Coquette やきものの媚態 : Sea-Shell Wadding

Many wood-fire potters have fallen into this pit. Even well-known potters are putting big shells on the side of pots and packing them sideways in their kilns. It seems to be trendy things to do among wood-firers outside Japan. And … Continue reading

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Who am I?

Hello again!  My name is Gas Kimishima.  (Gas is a nickname)  I am a potter, living and working in the Japanese tradition in England.  Following mediæval potter’s wisdom, I design and build simple wood-fired kilns called anagama (cave oven).   That’s … Continue reading

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